Harold Ilano's Version of Walkman VBug 1.5
Black Vermin 1.0

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This is Harold's Very Cool version of Tilden's Famous Walkman Bug, (Black Vermin 1.0).

Check out his new website here

Here you'll see the transformation of his bot from begining to end.

I simplified and adapted Tilden's VBug Circuit to create my 5 motor walkers but Harold stuck it out and actually figured it all out. He used various sources for information: mainly the circuit from Tilden's drawing and the Walkman Page from Costa Rica.

This Bug does everything that Tilden's did. (Which is not surprising since the circuit is an exact replica of Tilden's).

It backs up (with flashing Red LEDs), it has all of Walkman's sensors, it's even Phototropic!

Harold is tweaking the Crab-Gait and some of the sensors. He will keep us informed of his progress...

Click all the pics to make 'em bigger...

These are Harold's Finished and Corrected Circuit Diagrams:

Here are a Ton of Pics of Harold's Walkman:

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