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No one should be without a Hammock! This is why I came up with a simple, easy knot that you can use to make your own hammock cheap and easy.

I call it the No-Sew or the Easy-Hammock because you don't even need to sew one stitch.

You may already have all you need at home. So you can make your own Easy-Hammock with almost no money at all.

Note: After experimenting for a while, I came up with this sheet bend variation using a loop of rope. I came up with this knot on my own, but I probably didn't invent anything. Every time I come up with something I later find out that someone else had already thought about it. If you have proof that anyone else invented this particular way to make an easy and cheap hammock, please let me know so I can give him credit here. Click here to see my Knots Tutorial.

Always use good quality Climbing Rope and equipment for any application that will hold a person's weight. -- BE CAREFUL and USE COMMON SENSE.

But on the other hand -- Common Sense ain't so common, so I'm sure some people will always find a way to get hurt...

L i s t   o f   M a t e r i a l s:

1. Any size Flat Bed-Sheet. The bigger the better. You have some at home already that you can take if your mother or your wife doesn't catch you.

2. Rope. -- Has to be strong enough to support the weight. Becayuse of technical reasons, the load on the ropes (and the anchors) is multiplied exponentially so you should use Rock Climbing Rope.

3. Study the following video: ( Note: Right-Click on the image and select "Save-As" to run the video from your Hard Drive, or click PLAY below).




D I S C L A I M E R:

The instructions for the Easy-Hammock given here are for educational purposes only.

No warranty is expressed nor implied.

I will not be held responsible for you messing up and falling on your butt. You can make your own hammock at your own risk.

Use commons sense.

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