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Please see my new hammmock web site here: HamacasTaino.com


NEW Knots Tutorial Videos.

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I put up a page of Robots built by others using these tutorials. Click here to see all the photo submissions.***

This site changes daily. Click Re-Load on your Browser (or hit F5) to make sure you're watching the latest version of the page.

Check out my BatteryVore. It's not the most aesthetic bot I've made, but it's a good prototype. I plan to make a three-wheeled BatteryVore soon. Check it out here.

I put this site together to share some pictures and practical info on BEAM robots that I've built. It's a work in progress so you'll see how my bots evolve and maybe learn from my mistakes.

I have some tutorials, tips and links to useful sites. I will put up a Tips and Tricks page soon and more videos so visit often. I'm concentrating on content now. Later I'll work on making the site better organized and better looking.

You can navigate through this site using the links at the top and bottom of each page, or click on the pictures above.

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