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BatteryVore Video #1

BatteryVore 1.0

This is my first attempt at a BatteryVore (iVore). It's simply a Phototropic BiCore driving two small motors. -- a 74HCT240 chip with no motor driver. See the Schematic below. I just added another motor to the basic phototropic BiCore schematic from BEAM-Online

I used two old Radio Shack Phototransistors I had Laying around so I don't have a part number -- sorry. But I've also used the ones from Allelectronics.com" (CAT# PTR-1) which worked great.

The motors are very tiny ones that I salvaged from weird, old gear motors that are VERY efficient -- sorry I don't have any info on those either. They were too fast, actually and I had to add resistors across the motor leads to slow them down! I got this idea from Ben Hitchcock's Fred Troubleshooting Page -- "D) If the motor fires strongly once..." here.

Any efficient "BEAMable" motors will work.

I've gotten many e-mails from people asking for more info on building this robot (I always answer as best I can), but I will post more detailed info soon.

Here's what I did. -- Click on the pics to see them full-size:

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